Social Distancing Rules to avoid Quarantine

With the 190 countries affected by this virus, everyone should follow rules of social distancing, it’s no wonder almost every other person knows about it with their country’s government briefing them about the precautions to follow. One of the strongest weapons and know precautions to this contagion is self-isolating or social distancing.

Why do you need to socially distance yourself?

An obvious answer to this is the nature of the virus which is highly contagious and has now affected 558,946 with over 25,000 deaths. The reproductive rate (R0) of the covid-19, which tells us how many people an infected person can pass this virus on, is 2.28-2.52 which is around 3 people. Hence, this proves to us that the virus can spread like wildfire. Let’s explain this in another way, which is seen on social media a lot these days in an attempt to let people know the importance of self-isolation at this crucial time.

Karen got infected yesterday but she won’t find out until 14 days later.

Karen thinks she’s healthy; she’s going out nonetheless and infecting 10 persons daily.

These 10 people think they are ok and are infecting 100 people.

These hundred people think they are okay and are infecting 1000 people.

No one knows who is okay and who isn’t because sometimes the virus is asymptomatic.

Hence by social distancing, we are helping flatten the curve that shows the spike in a number of cases.

Infographic showing how social distancing helps to spread out the number of people requiring hospitalization at one time
How long Virus has been spreading

The rules of social distancing.

With every government making the conditions of quarantine based on the situation in their respective countries, there are a few fundamental ways in which you can isolate yourself. You need to disinfect the place where you will be spending most of your time. Once that is done, you need to stay away from gatherings of more than 2 people and avoid going out too much in closed, crowded places.

You need to distance yourself by 6 feet i.e.; the safe distance. Avoid going to stores and gyms as gyms have been reported to be one of the main ways the virus has spread alongside malls, hospitals, and airports. One needs to take as many precautions as possible. Separate the clothes you wear outside and the ones you wear inside.

Use disinfectants to clean surfaces. Wash your hands every hour or so and keep hydrated. Avoid having cold beverages too. Avoid going to the stores too much and have them order it to your place and when they do, just have them leave it on the doorstep. Anything that comes from outside should be disinfected first because anyone might have touched the surface and the virus remains on a surface for around 5 days.

Can I go to work?

In some cases, people may have to go out depending on the nature of their works like healthcare workers, journalists, police officers, etc. When you go out, wear gloves and it cannot be stressed upon enough, but do not touch your face. Wearing a mask also helps. Keep your distance from people and if you get the urge to sneeze or cough, do so in your elbow.

How long should I isolate myself?

The virus shows symptoms in about 14 days of so, hence, in accordance with this, social distancing for around 7-15 days should suffice and you can end your isolation period by the end of the fourteenth day if you still have no similar symptoms and feel well enough. However, still take the aforementioned precautions.

What about my appointments?

In most countries where situations have become serious, governments have ordered complete lockdowns so automatically most of your appointments would have been canceled by now. But, if not, then make sure you take the precautions above mentioned before going out and call in your doctor, etc to see if they are still taking patients. The last thing you want to do in these situations is going to a place that could harbor the virus and its patients.

How do I prepare for isolating myself?

First, go to the store and shop for the next fourteen days ONLY, not for three months like some bulk buyers are doing. Hoarding only shows how divided a society is. Hoarding will only raise prices and disturb the supply-demand cycle while leaving no items for the especially vulnerable to have. After this, go straight to your home and disinfect all the items you have bought, disinfect yourself, change your clothes, etc. Then disinfect your room, home, kitchen, etc. The next few days will be long and hard to pass but this is a phase of this challenge. Just pick out a few activates you have been wanting to do for a few days.

Lastly, if everyone person could make a change, imagine what 8 billion people could achieve together!

By: Hadia Sabah

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