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“Space Force” is an American comedy Netflix web series. It is based on the recently launched military force of DONALD TRUMP President of the United States. He gave the idea of SPACE FORCE in 2018. It is the 6th branch of armed forces, and recently its logo was also introduced by the President. Space Force is the United States Space Warfare Service Branch.

This Netflix web series is created by Steve Carell and Grey Daniels, who are the creators of “The Office,” one of the best web series on Netflix. Creators of this show wanted to uplift the jollification and gratification of to whole new universe. This show was released on 29th May 2020. IMDB rating of this show is 6.9 out of 10. 80% of viewers like this series, making it one of the best Netflix web series.

Story of Space Force:

The story of “Space Force” revolves around the generals of forces, scientists and political leaders. In this series, they are assigned a task to take their force up in the space. The government wanted to have their control in space all over the galaxy as this Netflix web series is a comedy show.

Writers try to make every character out of the box with a great sense of humour. The best thing about this Netflix web series is that beautifully dressed army men are delivering flaky dialogues with serious faces. This show is not precisely laugh-out funny, but the characters are too dimensionally strong and exciting.

netflix web series
Netflix web series

The story of this show starts with the army general named Mark R. Narid (Carell), who wanted to run the air force with his dignity and excellent qualities. Unfortunately, plans got changed, and Narid is appointed as an in-charge of a new military branch named space force.

Aesthetic but devoted, Narid deracinated his family and moves to a remote base in Colorado, where some scientists and spacemen accompanied him. They were tasked by the government to take their boots to the moon as soon as possible and achieve total supremacy; they can rule the whole galaxy.


The military leaders argue on different matters on the table. Mostly they argue on whether there is air in the space or not. Reasonable ideas of scientists are overlooked by the dumb leaders who are leading this project. What the show has distinctive in it is the unique voice that Carell uses as Gen. Narid for his character. One of the best things which are recognized by the Carell fans is his majestic robotic moves.

Another interesting character is Dr Adrian Mallory, who does a great job as a scientist in the web series. Adrian and Narid successfully launched their first aircraft “Epsilon 6,” they detach its solar panel. Then they both came up with an idea of reattaching the solar panels, which turned out to be a complete disaster.

This show is full of world powers politics and their race in technology. China’s space agency knocked out solar panels of satellite launched by Space Force, and there is a character that is Russian spy, who try to get information in funny ways.

All these chunks of comedy scenes and some dumb acts make this Netflix web series a must-watch. The combination of characters and their overwhelming chemistry makes this show one of the best Netflix web series. The idea of Space Force was filmed in this series; if in real life, it turns to be the same as it was in the Netflix web series would be real-life fun.

If you want to watch this series, you must be registered on Netflix. Netflix offers you a one-month free trial; you can view all of the best web series and original Netflix movies whenever you want. If you enjoy your one-month free trial, you can have it forever, and you would never be bored in this quarantined life.

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