13 Points Order by Supreme Court For Protection of Disabled

Being Disabled is not a personal choice. It is by the creator who knows why He created his people like that. No one has the right to make them less important than ordinary people.

Disabled people are just in a condition that makes it difficult for them to do normal life activities and to interact in the world in some aspects. Disabled people are mostly considered less active than rational human beings, but it is merely the world’s point of view and outlook towards them. There are a lot of disabled people working out there and making their lives inspirational for ordinary people. Disabled people are far better than a lot of routine in sports, education, art and a lot of fields. They have made their prints on the pages of history.

Supreme Court Order For Protection of Disabled

Now, if we have a look for the rights of the disabled in Pakistan, in Lahore, the supreme court ordered some necessary steps to be taken for the betterment of disabled people and the security of their rights and lives. Chief justice Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Justice Mazhar Alam Mian Khel and also Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan sat their bench and passed the very much needed order some citizens that consist doctor shah Nawaz Manami has filed by Raheel Kamran sheik supreme court ordered the governments including provincial as well as federal and concerned all other agencies to make sure the implementation of these 13 points taken by the supreme court as they are court directives and essential guidelines.

In comparison, they took the orders for the protection for disabled this disability quota across the country, to make sure that disabled people in their respective areas have to be appointed on quota.

The Supreme court mentioned that the statistics of disabled people are not available. Most of the ratio of the disabled people by the supreme court was the ones living in rural areas, 30% are illiterate, while 13% are employed. Their respective families support most of them. That is why the supreme court has broadly expressed their satisfaction over the 13 points implementations.

It now feels like the Pakistan government has taken steps for disabled people with the help of the supreme court. Passing orders for their protection is the best thing, but watching their needs for wheelchairs and the ramps makes it clear that some severe initiatives should be taken to make their lives easy and help them with these ramps and wheelchairs. Wheelchair ramps are the essential items that make the world more comfortable and more accessible to the disabled.

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Disability is not natural and will come up with that it is the major issue to provide them with the needs of daily life that includes these ramps and wheelchairs. It can take years to fully accept for the disabled that they cannot walk or run or enjoy the activities other able people can do. It is usual for them to feel sad and angry and to rage on others.

Still, we need our government needs to help them as that the most critical step taken by the country holders to provide their people with the basic needs of life and wheelchairs and ramps are the essential part of their lives if the disabled. These ramps and wheelchairs are like the feet and arms for them .no one can live without these parts. Same as that for disabled people, these equipment’s which include the ramps and wheelchairs, are the body parts providing them with these, make their life a lot better to live and enjoy the fun in life.

These 13 points by the supreme court are going to give opportunities to the disabled in every filed especially in this bureaucracy and law as well as politics which will make them do for their fellows those disabled who cannot make through quota will be helped by these and will be provided with the requirements including wheelchair and ramps.

Disabled people have gone from being able to disable by birth. It makes them feel lonely and sad, which makes them merely get focused on the essential parts of life. They barely think about having a successful experience. That is why it necessary to make them happy with knowing that they can go to the depression.

The Supreme court of Pakistan, along with the bench of the chief justice, made it clear that doing for the disabled can make way to help them live healthy lives.

Providing them with the wheelchairs and all the ramps they are making the lives fun for the disabled.

This is a far better and great initiative by the supreme court for the disabled people and their betterment.



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