The nation Pakistan & its fight against Corona

The number of COVID-19 stricken patients is rising and so is the panic of the Pakistani nation. On one side as Prime Minister, Imran Khan is trying to soothe down the people with his compassionate speeches and on another side, we are hearing the ventilators count put out by doctors in front of the nation. As Pakistan newspapers are daily giving out day to day numbers of the patients it’s still not enough to keep the nation Pakistan on one page, the whole nation Pakistan is divided into its approach.

If we just go a little back it’s very hard to believe that the same very nation was very united about a PSL anthem, but on this outbreak, each one wants to follow theirs on institutions or beliefs.

As people are quarantined, been busy in different home activities. Some are indulged into sleeping and some are listening to quack doctor’s advice on videos.

Now that the Pakistan nation is asked to quarantine themselves the business value of people like Atif and Ali Zafar has increased and nations listen to them on full volume when they are talking about COVID-19 and how do avoid it, despite them not having a full grip on the said topic.

On one side people have kept themselves busy with these newspapers and Pakistan news channels but on the other hand, they are very well trying to keep up with the domestic lives through windows.

The whole Pakistan nation is scared, listless and reckless continuously going through the lists of groceries they have piled up and thought if they have gathered enough for the months of quarantine to come. Not only the Pakistan nation is scared out of wits by the COVID-19 but also about the support from the government and the lack of food availability.

Financial conditions of the nation

The financial conditions of the Pakistani nation were already in the ditch but these COVID-19 outbreaks make them check their bank balances and statuses every now and then. They are continuously counting if the money they have saved is enough for days of no income in the future. Not only they are worried about the financial statuses but news of death toll is also making a move on them.

Every day they are checking newspapers to see if the control has been taken on the virus. Phone calls scare them out of their wits. Every time an elderly or infants of their family cough they start having panic attacks assuming that it must be the coronavirus.

Working and labor class of our Pakistan nation is a much more effected class because of the coronavirus. Their lives depend on daily wages but their elite class employers refuse to give them work because they might be corona positive. News of Italy USA and other big powers being crippled because of this outbreak and how life there has completely stopped has also affected our people.

Thinking that the same might come onto our nation they are trying to hoard things with the little amount of money they have. They don’t know that the capital income per person there is much better and we can not reach their level of handling but still, our poor nation is trying its best.

Army take-up and Journalism

The only way to keep up with the latest updates is only through newspapers or media so the nation as a whole is sitting across their televisions round the clock. Hearing analysts making rude remarks about Pakistan’s economy and it’s handling of the corona. They put their own selfishness ahead of them and feed lies to the nation.

For the release of their media father Mir Shakeel, they are not trying to hide their hatred for the government in any way. When Pakistan’s nation is done listening to these so-called journalists, they switch to other TV shows where the types of Nadia and Ahsan Ali are living their own world still doing guest programs and their guests acting like know it all and giving out their free ineffective advice.

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Despite not knowing what is happening and what’s going to happen in the future the Pakistani nation knows that army has taken the front line. The army is putting up a fight on multiple fields.

These law enforcement agencies on one side are trying to deal with the illegally hoarding of supplies, masks and medications, and sanitizer products and on other sides, they are trying to convince the Pakistan nation to stay inside their houses. Just yesterday people came out to protest against their own well-wishers and did stone-pelting on policemen who are only doing what they are asked to do.

Hour of need

Pakistan was only set on the way of economic progress and this COVID-19 outbreak has pushed it all behind. For a third world country that emerged from its fight with terrorism now to fight with corona by risking its economy and finance of the 22 million is a big task. Let alone a developing country Pakistan, big superpowers have shut down their economies for them their people come first.

As rhetorics are going around in and against complete lockdown, both sides are making sense but these rhetorics are made only for the sake of arguments not for a way out. As the Pakistani nation is fighting corona on all fronts doing their best but if God forbids we fail in our fight against it and this coronavirus ravages the whole nation down it won’t be the fault of government, its policies or the fault of enforcement agencies.

The fault is ours, of our nation who doesn’t know or doesn’t want to stand united against this common enemy. For each section their own interests come first, their beliefs putting hindrance in their united fight and way out of this crisis. The fault will be under nation belt for them to hoard medication, sanitizers and by doing this risking the whole nation, laying it out to be ravaged down by this novel virus. We can only hope and pray the Pakistan nation will soon get the better approach of end and start doing what’s in the best interest of the whole nation.

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By: Zaynab Shinwari


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