PTA Blocks TikTok in Pakistan – Mysterious Truth

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned the Tiktok application in Pakistan. PTA has received several complaints against this application, and the authorities have decided to ban PAKISTAN’s boundary. In this video sharing application, the content’s nature changed the youth’s minds in the wrong manner. Many complaints were registered Tiktok again to the authorities, and finally, on 10 October 2020, the instruction from the authorities has been received to ban the application.

PTA Blocks TikTok in Pakistan - Mysterious Truth 1

There was immoral and indecent content were shared by many people, which results in the ban of application finally. Now no one can get access to his/her TikTok account. The public’s reaction, especially Tiktok users, is aggressive because many people have millions of followers at this video application, the so-called TikTok. Those users were earning well in the shape of marketing the products of different brands.

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Tiktok Was Wastage Of Time:

From the parent’s point of view, this application is a total waste of time, and continuously youth is getting involved in it. Due to the number of similar complaints to Pakistan Telecommunication authority, the Tiktok is banned until further notice.

PTA had issued a severe notice to this application to change the application’s mechanism and gave reasonable time to respond. Still, Tiktok failed to comply with the given instructions.



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