Top 10 Netflix Unbelievable Tv Shows Watch 2020

Netflix is one of the Unbelievable American media-services providers. Netflix is famous for its shows and Netflix movies are more likely to see by people. You have to buy a subscription before watching the shows. Today I am gonna tell you the top 10 shows that you should watch and you will love them too. So let’s start with the first one.

The Witchers:

Netflix released The Witcher’s a couple of months ago and this Netflix series got some positive responses from the audience. The whole story related to the world of The Witcher and how the Witcher solved the problems of people. If you love to watch shows related to magic and fairies then you should give it a watch. These series end up with an unbelievable plot. This show is directed by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. According to some sources, the team already started the shooting of Season 2 and fans are desperately waiting for Season 2.

Money Heist:

Money Heist is one of the popular Netflix series. The first episode was aired on May 2, 2017, and this year they are coming with Season 4. The whole series is related to a criminal mastermind it’s a thriller show. It’s also available in Spanish with the name of LA CASA DE PAPEL. Each episode is directed by a different director. Season four is releasing on 3 April 2020 and things are already getting hyped up.


When Netflix released the trailer of the Messiah, this show got into a big controversy. Muslims were certainly unbelievable about this series because they name this series as Dajjal in IBMD. It was a misunderstanding because the creator made Messiah a mysterious character. People were claiming that he might be Jesus Christ or he might be Dajjal. The whole series is also related to this, you can’t tell who is this man until you watched the last episode. The writer and director did their finest work and in the last episode they ended the season with suspense so might be they will gonna release the next season.

Stranger Things:

Stranger Things is the most lovable series of Netflix by fans. The story of this series related to a group of young friends who observed something 

Supernatural. The first episode was aired on July 15, 2016. The show is directed by  The Duffer Brothers. This series has an unbelievable plot and characters and quite funny. The last episode left the fan emotional and speechless.


Sacred Games:

Sacred games is an Indian thriller series and it is based on the novel of  Vikram Chandra, so the whole series is inspired by the novel. The series is following the story of two different people. One is gangster Ganesh Gaitonde and the other is the son of Honest Police Officer Sartaj Singh. This series has two seasons and we don’t have a clue related to Season 3 but the whole series was pretty good and well written.

Top 10 Netflix Unbelievable Tv Shows Watch 2020 1
Netflix Unbelievable


Narcos is following the story of a famous drug dealer of Colombia Pablo Escobar and it is inspired by a real-life story of Pablo Escobar. This show is directed by three directors Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro. The first episode was aired on August 28, 2015, and like every other Netflix show, this series has also three seasons. Again the writers and directors did their finest work.

The Punisher:

The Punisher is the Tv series of Marvel in a collaboration with Netflix and one of the popular Netflix show. The show is running from 2017. The series is inspired by a character from Marvel comics, so The Punisher is a Marvel Comics character.


Do you love to watch the series related to love then the YOU Netflix series will suitable for you? This series is following the love story of two lovers who accidentally met in a book store and they started a conversation on social media then what happens next, you will find by watching the series. For Romantic series and stuff, I would highly recommend “always be my maybe”.

The Crown:

The Crown is following the story of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) and it’s based on an award-winning play The Audience. This series won so many awards. This series is also created by so many directors and each season has 10 episodes. This show is one of the most award-winning shows of Netflix. Each season comes up with an unbelievable story.

Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad is following the story of Chemistry Professor who just found out that he has cancer and he indulges himself in crimes. The first episode was aired in 2008 and the last episode was in 2013. This show received some good response on IMDb as well as on Rotten Tomatoes. If you want to watch some actions then check this series out.

So which series you like the most. Do comment down below.

By: Umar Nasir


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