Top 5 Programming languages for 2020 On-Demand

when it comes to talking about the top five programming languages to learn in a given year in this case 2020. I could pick just about any programming language and give you countless reasons as to why this is the one you should learn in 2020.

I mean is this your first time coding or have you been coding for years you’re just looking for a lateral move is your ultimate goal to get a job is that job in a particular industry at a particular company what technologies and languages do they use maybe you just want to code as a hobby.

See I don’t know what your ultimate goal is or your situation so in this article we’re gonna go through creating a top-five programming languages list. we’re going to have two different categories to contain those top five programming languages.

we’re gonna have two programming languages in that top five be lateral moves meaning you are making a move from one programming language to another and then languages are going to be for new coders.

but in order to determine that list, we have to go through the three most important categories to kind of determine by me and that is what programming languages make the most money what programming languages are the most popular most in-demand also falls into most popular and then what programming languages build what I think we should start with that one because for me that’s the most important what programming languages build what now

I know what this category sounds like I’m gonna go over every single programming language and discuss well this one builds websites this one builds games this one builds artificial intelligence stuff right no I don’t have enough time in the world to go over all that once we narrow it down over the next two categories then we’ll discuss this.

Learn Programming Languages Coding

I wanted to touch on this first because, in my opinion, this is the most important it’s more than likely we all started off this some sort of hobbyist we want to learn how computers work how coding works so we just kind of dive in you have something in your mind maybe you want to build mobile applications

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maybe you want to build websites maybe you have a keen interest in cybersecurity or artificial intelligence there are specific programming languages for each one of these categories and a reason why is because different programming languages are better at doing different types of programming whatever your interest in whatever your goal coding is a hobby coding is a job that should determine the programming language.

Programming languages Coding
Learn Programming Languages Coding

You learn you may want to fall into the trap of I want this to be my job I want to make a lot of money let me look what programming language makes the most money and learn that I have the belief that if you have a particular interest something that actually drives you to learn more about it do a bunch of research about and actually go on

and build it on your own time that’s gonna make you more money in the long run than trying to force yourself to learn something that you don’t find as interesting but you’re trying to chase some money one you’re gonna half-ass doing the other you’re going to spend a lot of time on and genuinely enjoy that’ll make you more money plus make your life a little bit more enjoyable.

Time for some actual stats what programming languages make the most money and what better way to follow up last week’s video and taking the 2020 StackOverflow developer survey then referencing the 2019 Stack Overflow developer survey and looking at the top paying technologies in this particular instance

what languages are associated with the highest salaries worldwide we’re also going to look at within the United States so globally we have our top 25 right here starting at number one spot with closure at 90,000 going all the way down to the number 25 spot Java at 52 thousand US dollars per year.

Our top five is, of course, closure at 90,000 F sharp at 80,000 go at eighty thousand Scala at 78,000 and elixir at seventy-six thousand within the United States top 25 starts at Scala 143 thousand dollars all the way down to HTML/CSS a hundred five thousand dollars or if we want to count on actual programming languages

and we’re gonna go with c-sharp in the number twenty-four spots at $105,000 in the top five here, of course, we have Scala 140 thousand dollars number two spot goes to closure $139,000 go one hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars early at $135,000 an objective-c at 132 thousand dollars per year.

Now if we wanted to make a top-five out of this between globally and the United States we would want to look at some of the commonalities we have here the common programming languages and I can see three that are here within the top five versus six on both yeah the top three here Scala Clojure go which also are located within the top five closure go, Scala, when we’re talking globally so those are a few that we want to remember

and I feel like I’d be misleading y’all if I didn’ mention this there are so many variables that come into play when it comes to all of these top-paying programming languages as it sits you have an industry that comes into effect you have years of experience you have a location, not just global you’re within the United States.

Your exact city in which you’re located the company you work for etc what programming languages are the most popular so we’re not only going to b looking at the 2019 stack overflow developer survey but also what is called the 2020 state of software engineers

and if I understand this correctly this is based on their statistics on higher com, not from a survey like the Stack Overflow def survey and not taking it from this website to come with like a comprehensive list it’s something that I believe is specific to hire comm themselves but I feel it’s a fair report to pull some data from on the 2019 stack overflow developer survey most popular technologies programming scripting and markup languages.

We have the top 25 here that ranges from JavaScript at 67.8% down to web assembly at 1.2 percent and the way to read this graph is that out of the 87,00 354 people who responded to this question these are the programming languages that they use so if this was asked to me I come in here and say alright I use HTML CSS I use sequel I use Java I use bash

and continue checking each language that I use I don’t just pick one I pick all of them and their top five here Java Script, of course, is 67.8% age CSS at 63.5% sequel at 54.4% Python at 41.7% in Java at 41.1% now to take a look over at our 2020 state of software engineers most commonly used programming languages by software engineers we have the same one leading the way JavaScript at 63% all the way down to is at 2% in our top five following JavaScript is Python at 44% Java at 38% HTML at 28% and typescript at 22%

Programming Languages
Programming Languages

however not only do I want to reference the most commonly used programming languages or the most popular programming languages I also want to talk about the most in-demand coding languages across the globe and this is on a scale of the number of interview requests per candidate on hired in 2019 not sure how accurate this is to describe the whole entire market but it’s a good reference point it goes from going at 9.2 interview requests all the way down to are at 3.3 and every request so with the top 5

we’ll see a little is a little bit different from the most commonly used programming languages and go Scala Ruby typescript and Kotlin alright so I think we got a good understanding of what makes the most money which is the most popular and most in-demand let’s see what we can do to create a top 5 list out of this like I said we’re gonna have to allocate to a lateral move and 3 allocated to your first programming language and I’ve made this list based on those statistics my own preconceived knowledge and maybe a little bit of personal bias to create the top 5 list.

Top five list:

c programming
Top five list

Our final list the top 5 programming languages to learn in 2020 we’re gonna start off with lateral movers coming in the second spot for lateral moves if we want to do a quick gem roll here Scala you can think of Scala is a language that addresses Java’s and efficiencies so Scala won’t be the only language you learn typically you will know Java in order to improve your Java and make it makes your application actually faster

when you would use Scala if you want to get actually technical with a definition Scotland’s general-purpose programming language providing support for functional programming and a strong static types system designed to be concise mini scholars design decisions aimed to address criticisms of Java

hence why this is on a lateral mover or maybe an additional mover instead of a first programming language and the reason it takes a number two spot is that we see it both on the top five globally and within the United States of top paying technologies takes number four globally at seventy-eight thousand dollars per year and it takes the number one spot within the United States

At one hundred and forty-three thousand dollars per year now the reason why it may be at the top is that you’re not gonna have one-year two-year three-year experience people coding in Scotland you’re gonna have five-ten twenty-year veterans coding in Scotland of course if you’re a veteran you’re gonna be getting paid more

And if we come over to how popular it is it’s not actually the most popular you see it actually all the way down here at Scala 3.8 percent that is 3.8 percent of 87,000 respondents to this question will also see something similar overall in the 2020 state of software engineers most commonly used programming languages by software engineers is all the way down here at 5%.

However and I say you may not want to take this particular statistic to heart but we’re gonna do it in this particular instance it is very very in demand eight-point-five number of interview requests per candidate on hired in 2019

Given how in-demand it is and also the fact that it’s within the top 15 top 20 most commonly used most popular programming languages alongside the fact that it is the top paying programming language within the United States and within the top five globally that’s why it takes a number two spot on the lateral moves but what beats that out what beats a doubt the number one spot for lateral moves of the top program languages to learn in 2020 is go and go that’s a systems programming language

If we want to actually get down to it goes a statically tight compiled programming language designed at Google and is syntactically similar to C but with memory safety garbage collection structural typing and CSV style concurrency go is designed specifically as a systems programming language for large distributed systems and highly scalable network servers and that

and replaces C++ and Java in Google’s software stack, of course, they’re going to be using go Google creates ago but they created for a reason they created because they found it better than C++ and Java for their particular situation and the reason I put this on the lateral movers instead of the first programming language.

You ought to learn is because of that little sentence go is syntactically similar to C and this is my top five programming list and I don’t like C syntax especially for newbies there are easier programming languages to learn that aren’t too easy to the point where you’re not going to be able to learn other programming languages

but that aren’t too hard to the point where you’re just gonna give up and a reason to beat out Scala is that it beat out Scala you see it globally it beat out Scala by one spot or $2,000 the United States

and didn’t quite beat out Scala it was at a deficit of 7,000 dollars per year but that’s still a good position for the top paying technologies overall the most popular it is a little bit more popular actually over double for Scotland had 3.8 percent go had 8.2 percent of those 87,000 respondents actually using I we can see a similar trend over on the most commonly used programming languages here and

that is Scala was down at 5% and go was at 10% that I double and then it is just slightly more in demand than Scala taking the number one spot for this particular poll taking the number one spot for this particular stat those are top two for your lateral movers now

What about for those people learning their very first programming language and this may be where I get a little bit of pushback because I’m gonna let a little bit of my personal bias take over but it still for good reason let’s start off with the number three spot remember this is top-five programming languages we’ve already gone over to on lateral moves

we’re gonna go over three on first programming languages the number three spot that goes to C++ C++ is a general-purpose programming language if we want to read a little bit of what it can build games GUI based applications database software operating systems browsers banking apps compilers embedded systems gaming engines

I don’t have enough time to go over every little thing that C++ can have a role in the building but now you can see why I had two different categories well you’re not going to be learning Skyloft the gate is learn a general-purpose programming language like C++ or the others on this list is your very first one now I chose it for the number three spot for many of the same reasons why universities choose it to teach their own students it’s just a good language good first language to learn

We can take a look here when the top-paying technology is it’s on both of the top 25 lists right here C++ comes in a $55,000 that’s globally and within the United States, it comes in right here at $120,000 overall in the Stack Overflow

Most popular technologies it’ right here at twenty-three point five percent of the 87 thousand respondents using C++ 2020 status all for engineers we see it right here at 13% most common these programming languages and then when it comes to the in-demand aspect it is still on the list at five-point four number of interview requests per candidate.

We’ll hire in 2018 now this doesn’t top the list on any of these but that is because these lists aren’t for general-purpose programming languages these are just overall what people use in the industry these people could have one year five year ten year 20 years of experience but as their first programming language

you’re not going to get much better than this but you can get a little better than this and that brings me to the number two spot this is where I’m going to get a little bit of pushback because many of y’all may think this should be in the number one spot and that is Python in the number two spot fo programming languages to learn to 2020.

Your first programming language Python can build most if not all of everything I mentioned that C++ can build but with slightly less code if we want to actually get down to it Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language occurred by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991

Pythons design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant whitespace let’s see how Python fares up with the top paying technologies globally you can see a right here at 63 thousand dollars per year and within the United States right here at a hundred and sixteen thousand dollars per year for most popular technologies

It sits in the top five at forty-one point seven percent of 87,000 respondents saying they use Python and not only that but Python is they noted right down here has risen in the rinks again Python is the fastest-growing major programming language today that’s huge we can also see a very similar trend going on here with most commonly used programming languages by software engineers Python sitting at 44% and when it comes to the most in-demand is right down here at six point one number of interview requests per in an entire nineteen now

If you know me at all you know exactly what is about to happen we had number three C++ number two Python but number one you know you know is going to be Java why is Java had a Python why I already told you why Python syntax there’s nothing more to it should you really just that simple for me to get down to it Java is a general-purpose programming language

that is class-based object-oriented and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible Java can be used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed amongst servers and clients in a network it can also be used to build a small application module or applet they simply design small application for use as part of a web page you can see a trend here C++ Python Java general-purpose programming languages.

The top three that you ought to be learning in 2020 now let’s see how it fares up and all honesty when it comes to the amount of money it makes globally it doesn’t it fares at the 25th spot at fifty-two thousand dollars per year which is just under c++ by three thousand and under python by eleven thousand however within the united states it is just in between C++ and Python and one hundred and eighteen thousand four most popular programming languages it comes in the number five spot at 41.1% slightly beating out by Python at a point six percent referencing down here again

This year Python just edged out Java and overall ranking much like it surpassed c-sharp last year PHP the year before it’s just rising Python is just rising for 2020 state of software engineers most commonly these programming languages by software engineers it comes in number three spot at thirty-eight percent and foremost in demand it is right here at six points for a number of interview requests for Canada and iron so it does slightly beat up Python on this arbitrary metric it is so close right here with a 6% deficit is right here by 0.6% deficit and right here it has $2,000 per year more so basically the same and yet globally

I understand it beats it out by 11,000 actually what I think Java takes a number one spot for the reasons I gave so your top five programming languages to learn in 2020 for new programmers the number one spot goes to Java the number 2 spot goes to Python the number 3 spot goes to C++ and for the remaining two languages over in the lateral moves go taking the number one spot there and Scala taking the number 2 spot there I’ll also give an honorable mention to JavaScript which is heavily and primarily wet development which is why it serves as an honorable mention to help out everyone else watching

If you have a programming language that you think should be in the top 5 list or maybe an honorable mention leave it down in the comment section so anyone watching this ctrl + down there they can see your programming language of choice see why maybe add in some of the stats that we went over in this video is it a popular programming language is it in demand is good money in it what does it build especially that last one what does it build why do you choose that programming language for your top programming language to learn in 2020.


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