Top 10 Trending Technologies To Master In 2020

Technology has a profound impact on our lives. In modern times, modern technology has made our lives easier. This growing trend towards technology can be seen by how to secure technology has made our lives. Technology is leading the way in innovation. I have listed the top 10 trending technologies in 2020 will be a huge success.

Types of Top Trending Technologies 2020

  1. Blockchain
  2. Big Data
  3. DevOps
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Intelligent Apps(1-Apps)
  6. Cognitive cloud computing
  7. Internet Of Things
  8. RPA ( Robotic Process Automation)
  9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  10. Angular and React


Nowadays, the word “blockchain” is significant. It is a new technology. Blockchain is a public register in which complete records and transactions of transactions between people are stored securely, and continuously, all transaction data is recorded in cryptographic blocks, and these blocks are linked together. Go and start becoming a chain of blocks. Blockchain looks very promising in the future. It is the top trending technology of 2020.


Big Data

There are two types of big data technologies:

  • Operational Big Data
  • Analytical Big Data

Operational Big Data

First, we talk about big operational data, and it’s about the data we generate on a typical. As we know, today is the modern age, and in this advanced age, technology is also being innovated. Nowadays, we do our daily business online. Some Example is as follows Social media,  Facebook,  Instagram, and similar and modern online platforms, including online shopping mall systems, boxes, and more.

Analytical Big Data

Big data analytics is a combination of many techniques and processing methods. They are used collectively by businesses to achieve relevant results for the management and implementation of disputes that make them useful. You can shop online anywhere, buy boxes, buy your tickets online if you want to go, you can search for jobs, and even apply.


DevOps is a suite of methods that combines software development giant and information technology operations intending to shorten the systems development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

Tech Trends 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is software that learns, and self improves. It may take a physical form such as a spacecraft or a robot. However, in many cases, it is embedded in services that have no tangible way, such as bots.

Intelligent Apps(1-Apps)

Technology has had a profound impact on our lives. Technology has ironed out its success in every field of our lives. As time has passed, technology innovation has also increased. Technology is determined to meet the needs of our faith in the future.

Artificial intelligence is compelling. There are many unlimited benefits to artificial intelligence that deals with the fast and growing speed of the world. Nowadays, we have smartphones simplifying our affairs, which is artificial intelligence.

While smartphones have improved our applications, we can tackle more of our issues with smartphones through different apps. Nowadays, intelligent apps have made our day-to-day operations more straightforward.

Cognitive cloud computing

The practical computer is a technology that solves complex problems better through the human brain. The efficient machine is essential in the trending technology of 2020. With Cloud, we can deliver computing applications to people. It better understands and resolves complexities. It speaks in the human language.

It is given a lot of importance in the information technology industry. According to experts, it understands the complexities and solves better results. Raised – Experts are considering adding it to this year’s Top 10 Trends. Revenues will generate $ 13.8 billion by 2020.

IoT (Internet OF Things)

The Internet of Things, as its name implies, is the Internet of Things. Today we see that many of the things that surround mobile phones, including modern technology, are connected to the Internet. Smart Speaker.

This technology gives us a lot of conveniences. As time goes on, so does technology. In modern times we can do all our work in minutes, seconds thanks to technology. Today we can turn our AC on or off from anywhere. We can see each other on the internet. Of course, technology has become a part of our lives. We cannot ignore its significance in the top trend of 2020.

RPA( Robotic Process Automation)

The silent revolution, with potential impacts on the IT workforce reminiscent of outsourcing, can take the form of robotic process automation.

By handling the various types of business and computing processes commonly undertaken by humans, it is feared that RPAs will create excitement in jobs that will deploy technology with the potential to reduce their jobs. Mixes skills, and if implemented strategically, will prevent its execution. Outsourcing.

Reason: Due to the development of software and artificial intelligence, the cost of automation is at a higher value than ever.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

With technologies like Google Glass, this is a fascinating time for augmented reality (AR). The explosion of powerful, sensor-equipped mobile devices ensures that the presence of augmented reality devices in the marketplace is imminent.

The definitive proof of this is the growing availability of SDKs (software development kits) that allow developers to create new, immersive resources without any specific knowledge about computer vision, sensor fusion, or any other particular technology behind modern AR engines. Enables the creation of AR experiments.

Adjusted Reality Technology refers to overcoming the real world view with virtual content ۔ This is an interactive breakthrough made possible by our mobile devices, and it’s changing the landscape of technology at large. The goal, especially for gaming applications, is to present 3D content in real-time view so that it looks more realistic and authentic so that players feel as if they are participating in the action.

Angular and React

That is an excellent framework on which we can build efficient web applications through Javascript. With Angular and Racket, you can create a web app, and that is one of the most prominent features of Innovative – Angular and React so that you don’t have to make any changes to the codes. Angular and React also provide you with JS, CSS, and HTML information. Its performance and speed are super fast. Also known as an open library.



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