How To Use Pinterest To Plan Your Trip To Santorini

So you’ve finally decided to go on that trip to Santorini you’ve been putting off forever. Good on you! We love a good traveller’s spirit around here. 

Famous for its white, doll-like, cliff-side houses and the enchanting view of the blue Aegean Sea stretched out for miles, Santorini has become a popular spot for tourists, honeymooners, backpackers, and digital nomads. 

If you’ve had this magical place on your vision board for ages, we don’t blame you! Now, let’s get you all packed up and on your way! If you really want your trip to be memorable, we recommend using Pinterest to plan it. 

So, let’s get into it, shall we? Ready when you are! 

First Things First, Create A Separate Board For Your Trip

By placing this as the first step, we’re assuming that you’ve already signed up for Pinterest and filled out your information and everything. If you haven’t done that, it only takes a couple of minutes, find the website here, and come back when you’re done. 

Are all done? Cool! 

Now, the first thing you need to do is create a separate board for your trip to Santorini. This board will act as the home base for your vacay planning. You go-to for all things Santorini related. Once you’ve created a board, you can pin everything you like about Santorini on it so that you have it all in one place. 

To create a board, open your profile, and find the plus sign on the mid-right side of your screen. When you’ve found it, click and select board. 

Once you’ve created the board, it’s pretty simple to edit it and save your favorite pins on it. Now that you’re done with the basics let’s move on to the fun stuff. 

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Time To Research And Pin Anything You Find Interesting To Your Board

Welcome to more interesting step two of “how to use Pinterest to plan your trip to Santorini”! Now that you’ve created the board, it’s time to use Pinterest’s search function to look up some stuff about Santorini. 

Try entering keywords like “places to visit in Santorini”, “things to do in Santorini”, or “make the most of your trip to Santorini”. Read through the articles and pin the ones you love to the board you created. Now that you have all the inspiration you need in one place, it’s time to make sure that you immortalize the trip on your Instagram.

Pin Up Any Interesting Photography Ideas, So Your Instagram Can Stay LIT

They say a picture tells many stories, and you don’t want yours to get lost among the memories over the years, do you? One of the best ways to make sure that your trip to Santorini stays with you forever is by taking pictures! 

And not just any pictures—super jazzy, highly Instagrammable pictures so that your Instagram stays LIT all through your trip and you keep attracting new wholesome friendships with fellow travel-lovers. 



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