Trump humiliates himself during his own briefing Exposed

Trump making ignorant remarks isn’t a new thing for people who keep track of his live briefings. William Bryan represented the findings on how to deal with coronavirus to the corona task force of the White House on Wednesday; reportedly, Trump wasn’t presented when William presented the conclusions of the Situation Room. Trump has made intriguing speculation during the past week on whether the warmer weather will slow down the spread of coronavirus, and the recent findings were in line with the thought.

The corona task force and Voice President Mike Pence intently listened to the presentation of Acting Head of science at the Department of Homeland security Bryan, even though Bryan has no medical background and is a military person the people under him worked hard on the findings. Bryan was asked by Mike Pence and the Corona Taskforce to refine the presentation for the consumption of the general public and President for next day briefing.

President Trump Corona Taskforce

As instructed, Bryan returned on Thursday, the very next day but yet again President Trump wasn’t there for the Corona Taskforce meeting at 3 p.m. According to sources, Bryan explained the findings again quickly right before the evening news conference.

Bryan explained as to how sunlight, ultraviolet rays, disinfectants such as alcohol and bleach could shorten the life span of the corona to half.

When Bryan was done explaining things at White House podium, things took a humiliating turn as President suggested disinfectants being injected into the body as a cure for corona. He put his highly qualified health team into a tight place. The damage was done, but Trump and his team of White House tried hard for the next 24 hours to lessen the loss of his stupid remarks. His health department team made an official announcement as to how they should stay away from using disinfectants for a cure as it is lethal. During his next briefing on Friday, Pence took control of things, and Trump walked off after 22 minutes, making it his shortest presentation.

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Things carried on as Corona Task Force tried to cover something up for Trump and made presentations on defining this COVID-19 pandemic, which could be seen as avoiding disaster on behalf of Trump. His aides said they are following a President who has a penchant for speaking out loud on things he knows nothing about; he should leave these things for the experts of the field to deal with.

As for how The White House covered the disaster made by Trump is another funny episode for the folks. The Press Secretary laid blame on media for taking things out of context, and Trump himself washed his hands clean from his blunder by saying that he was sarcastic when he made that claim. Dr. Brix of the White House said that Trump was just consuming new things that were being told and were talking about further information out loud, she said during her interview to Fox News

“I think he just saw the info at the time, immediately before the press conference, and he was still digesting the info”.

The White House tried to control the damage. Still, Trump got widely mocked and rebuked by the whole world’s media and medical experts; his remarks were regarded as the height of his stupidity during his entire presidency.

Trump has become sensitive about his media image as elections are drawing near, and people are keeping a close eye on his performance during this pandemic. People closed to him say that Trump is highly sensitive to criticism nowadays and cares about media more than ever. Like many people, he is grounded at White House and can’t leave to play golf with his old friends anytime he wants. He is irritated by the same faces of his aides all day long and is also adjusting to the newly appointed chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Republican Rep. His boredom could be seen from his late-night phone calls to Mark on how things are done at West Wing.

People who have worked close to the past chiefs know that President often bothers the Chief of Staff during late hours at night and also complains when he doesn’t get much praise on his dealing of corona pandemic. Trump has been seen complaining that he doesn’t have enough allies defending him on media and to put a softer image for him

Aides around him are trying to curtail his daily briefings not to let them become his ground for rambling about nonimportant things. Trump, during past days also attempted to develop an aura of world leaders by talking to the statesmen of other countries on calls. Still, even during those phone calls, he couldn’t contain himself from complaining about the lack of applaud for his efforts.

Trump seems to love the daily briefings but hate attending meetings before it; Corona Task Force doesn’t seem to mind his absence as things go smoothly when he isn’t there. Trump attempts the session once a week, and things go off the track whenever he is present.

The meetings are done in the basement Situation Room, where presidents in the past monitored the raids on terrorists. One goal of choosing a basement is to limit the number of people attending it. Also, this helps to create an oppressive atmosphere for the pressing topics of the discussion. Sources say it is also because to keep the findings and details of the meeting secret and to avoid the leaks.

More often, when Trump doesn’t show up, the seniors of the task force bring out the summary of the findings in his Oval Office, they did it last week, and it proved that Trump never listened to their reviews when he suggested disinfectants as a cure for COVID-19.

It took the seniors of the Task Force by surprise that despite their efforts, Trump never listened to a word they said and put them in humiliating spots during the live briefing. Press Secretary and Meadows tried to put the blame away from Trump and claimed that Bryan’s presentations weren’t done right enough, which confused the President.



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