Using Cell Phone In Europe

Will my phone work in Europe? The first question pops up in mind whenever there is a visit to abroad. It’s fascinating and interesting to visit countries for business purposes, work contracts, attending seminars, or heading towards a wonderful vacation.

However, the most depressing part is no cell phone service in Europe. It’s hard to live without friends and social media in this eon. Using cell phone in Europe isn’t pocket friendly for everyone.

Cellular phones in Europe are much in need of searching for Restaurants, Hotels, and Google Maps to navigate the destination. Sometimes phones require to call or text your acquaintances or data package for surfing the internet.

Keep in touch with friends and family, check-in via Facebook, communicate local people through translate apps, and upload pictures on Instagram are mandatory in every tour nowadays. For doing all these activities, you will be in need of cell phones.

Many visitors faced difficulty while using cell phone in Europe because connects to your mobile phone or tablet is quite expensive and difficult.

Answer for “Will my phone work in Europe?” is Yes, you can use cellular phones in Europe. There are several ways to use cell phone service in Europe which we’ve found for you in this article. Without further ado, let’s get towards the tips for using cell phones in Europe.

Tip #1: Exclusively Rely On Wi-Fi

Cell phone service in Europe is difficult to get even though when you just intend to call or text your friends. However, to resolve this matter without investing a single penny is to use public Wi-Fi.

 In Europe, public Wi-Fi is available in café, bistros, restaurants, shopping malls, hostels, hotels, hospitals, libraries, and even on the streets too. If you are on a short period of stay so you may rely exclusively on Wi-Fi.

Access to Wi-Fi is sometimes easy in Europe although you may found speed throttling. Best Wi-Fi you’ll get in the hotel and hostel where you easily make calls through Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, or Google voice.

In streets or café, Wi-Fi speed isn’t good enough due to hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to make calls, so prefer the hotel’s Wi-fi rather than the cafés.

Internet connection in restaurants and cafés are becoming amenity. Usually, people use social media throughout their stay in cafés and prone to upload pictures and experiences on social media.

If you want to text or do little internet browsing then it is possible via café’s Wi-Fi. While having a meal or coffee you may check-in Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes, if you don’t access Wi-Fi then you may ask for a password.

Using Wi-Fi helps in saving your European Mobile or Sim card expense. It will be free of cost while check in to social media by using public Wi-Fi. If you totally rely on Wi-Fi so keep in check with your cellular data that might entail great expense.

Tip # 2 Purchase An European Sim Card For Your Mobile

Cell phone service in Europe will get just by purchasing a new sim card. Sim card helps you in getting local networks for calls and text without further need for Wi-Fi. If you got lost and won’t find Wi-Fi hotspot so, through cell phone service, you can contact your family and friends.

Sim card for Europe is available online. If you purchase an online sim card then it will provide you instant service after arriving at your destination.

In Europe, mostly phone carriers are on the Global System for Mobile (GSM). To activate GSM, there must be a need for a phone with GSM technology. In most advanced cell phones you’ll get GSM technology but not in vintage phones. Be sure to have the latest mobile for activating GSM.

Some mobiles are totally CDMA devices while other mobiles have both categories. While inserting your sim card, make sure to turn on GSM technology in your smartphones for getting cell phone service in Europe.

After purchasing a new sim card, you must have knowledge of sim card size and enable sim options. If you don’t know about it, so you can ask the shopkeeper to install your new sim in your phone with the right size sim card, set up your native language in your phone, and turn on the GSM network.

Installing a new sim card, you must be aware that your contacts are saved on your phone instead of a sim card. Homeland sim card service isn’t reachable or probably you won’t find your contacts. Before heading to a European country, just need to check this as essential.

European sim card gives you some call or text packages which will help in connecting your local acquaintances. While data packages are also available to access to the social media or browsing the internet.

Data packages are costly thus, you may consider it before surfing the internet. Try to put your phone on airplane mode when you are not using it. Video streaming and social media usage must be little in order to a minimum usage of the data package.

Push email in which new mails actively transfer to your smartphone and notify you. In order to reduce the usage of data plans so change your email settings from push email to manual fetch. This will not notify you when you get new mail and you won’t check emails and spend a few MBs on it.

However, international calls are expensive so you may exclusively rely on data package or Wi-Fi to call at your homeland via Skype or any other application.

If you are traveling to multiple European Countries, so you need to purchase a new sim card in every country. Sim cards are specific to each region.

Pro Tip: Purchase a new sim card from Europe instead of your home country’s travel agent or online. If you find any problem regarding service so this can be fixed at that moment.

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Tip # 3 Get Pre-Paid Phones

Pre-paid phones provide the basic services of mobile phones like calls, texts, and data plans. These types of phones for travelers are an excellent option. Pre-paid cellular phones in Europe are easily available.

Pre-paid phone companies will provide you a limited amount of minutes for calls and a set amount of message bundle and some GBs for the internet. The fixed amount of services will be beneficial for a temporary stay rather than purchasing a new sim. Multiple packages are available so choose the most feasible one according to your stay and usage.

After using pre-paid cellular phones in Europe, you may return to the shopkeeper in the same amount or deduct some charges. These phones will be good enough to use for a short period without buying a new latest mobile phones and bother about GSM technology.

Using cell phone in Europe is not costly. Around $30 you may get low tech and cheap mobile phones for texting and calls locally. But if your budget is slightly high, so you may purchase a high tech mobile with the facility of internet browsing and downloading the application.

Surfing the internet and connected to friends via social media so you must buy high tech mobile phones that cost you around $80 to $150. Even though, if you have a GSM technology phone earlier then you need to just buy a new European sim card for your smartphone.

You intend to purchase cellular phones in Europe so remember that Europeans would say Mobile phones rather than cell phones and smartphones.

Tip # 4 International Calling And Data Plans

Most people love to use their own mobile phones and sim card. You get offers regarding international calls and data packages. These offers help you in calling and texting via your own mobile abroad.

Using cell phone in Europe is not an onerous job. You may continue your activities by emailing, capturing and uploading pictures, watching videos, and playing games.

These offers will not empty your bank accounts. It might take some subscription amount and later in Europe or any country you may charge fewer amounts than the original international call or data charges.

This will not worry you about contacts and find mobile phones and sim cards shops in Europe. Just enjoy and stay connected with your work without roaming in search of shops.

International calling and data plans are expensive than pre-paid mobile phones.

Remember that your mobile phones are essential during traveling but you must know that moving to Europe for work or enjoy vacations. Do not totally indulge yourself only on the mobile phone.

Keep your phone away, enjoy the beauty of a new country, meet new people, and explore cities and cultures of Europe. Yes, we love our mobile phones but don’t make yourself indispensable to mobile phones.

In sum, these multiple options are the answer to the question ‘will my phone work in Europe’. Before leaving for a trip, must get enough knowledge regarding your phone and its usage.

Heading towards Europe with proper information will not trouble you in Europe. Cell phones in Europe are essential in finding your destination and keep in touch with your friends and family.

This article helps you in getting to know about a minute to immense detail regarding cellular phones in Europe.



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