Viral Hepatitis Deadlier than COVID-19 IN Pakistan

For the past many years, we have been considering that approximately 5 to 10 million patients are affected by COVID-19, but now the count has gone far more than the imagination. This viral hepatitis has caught more patients by adding a new day by day said by the gastroenterologist. Now the county of the patients affected by viral hepatitis BC is more than 15 million.

It shows that how much damage this viral disease is causing to the country.

By focusing on the pandemic of COVID-19, we have been neglecting this fact that this viral hepatitis is causing deaths more than the COVID-19 daily. In this pandemic, during the seminar on the world hepatitis day, a gastroenterologist clarifies that this viral hepatitis is being transferred to hundreds of people day by day. That is due to the lack of resources in our medical filed lack of prevention testing kits and harmful testing procedures last but not the least treatment resources.

Not only the above mentioned, but this hepatitis is going viral day by day due to the inadequate screen blood transfusions.

Most of the gastroenterologist in Pakistan believe that viral hepatitis is causing deaths more than the COVID-19. The daily rate of deaths due to viral hepatitis is far more in comparison to COVID-19.

Gastroenterologists have strictly warned the government that viral hepatitis is deadlier than COVID-19 as the death count daily due to viral hepatitis is 300.

Gastroenterologist Dr.Lubna said that neglecting viral hepatitis BC can cause the country to bid damage. Because if we see the COVID-19 is causing far fewer causalities daily than the count rate deaths of hepatitis patients. This gastroenterologist said that “finding missing millions” was the theme on hepatitis day, which means that people in the world we’re living this fatal virus without knowing and transferring it to other people.

Gastroenterologist further said, “adding that the youth must be involved in creating awareness about this viral disease which is severely lethal, painful and death costlier than the new virus COVID-19.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jamil said that we have more than 15 million people affected by viral hepatitis, but most do not even know. Most people reveal the disease when it has been too late.

Another renowned gastroenterologist Dr.Shahid Ahmed that the significant critical causes of cancer and liver cirrhosis are this viral disease hepatitis.

It is needed to be very clear to every Pakistani to be screened for this viral hepatitis so that the affected people could be treated easily. Ordinary people can be saved from this viral hepatitis.

This disease is the cause of liver disease, which leads to death if a liver transplant has not been done on time.

The far best solution to this whole problem is screening and testing.

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Gastroenterologist advises that most of the people that are having this viral hepatitis are unaware they could require repeated hospitalization; therefore needs to be tested and treated.

Latecomers can cause a burden for their families as the medicines are costly, and the treatment can be painful.

This viral hepatitis is the eighth highest and significant cause of mortality in the world. And within this region called Asia, Pakistan, as well as Egypt, are facing 80% of the whole burden.

Each year comes up with thousands of new cases. The majority of people catch this infection due to health care settings without even knowing.

Its transmission includes syringes sharing razors and blood transfusion most of the time. WHO and the CDCP are working for the control as they strengthen the national responses to this viral hepatitis in the country. They are watching towards the history of this viral hepatitis in Pakistan, so it has been observed to occur as an outbreak. People of those areas were mostly affected where the water is mainly contaminated.

That reflects that the weak water system and lifestyle is the primary cause of this high patient population.

This disease has affected pregnant women, which caused mortality rates high in the country. It affects people of all ages as we know that COVID-19 mostly affects old age people and children, but hepatitis BC affects every age group. Almost 100% of children have been exposed to hepatitis B and C.

As we discussed, it was mostly found in people living in areas where water was contaminated, giving a new book to be opened, which causes the vegetables and fruits to come from the areas where water is polluted.

That shows that hepatitis has been more exposed to rural areas than the urban ones. This also leads to a question of how to aware of this disease. The government needs to take steps for the betterment of the people. COVID-19 is far more, causing less damage than hepatitis B and C.



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