Virgin trains seating plan for wheelchair accessible

Most public airlines and rail services aim to provide people with the best transit service as possible. Even though the main aim of travelling remains getting safely from one place to another, comfort and luxury are still two factors that are held in high regard, yet are mostly compromised for our differently-abled community. Do the management taking care of the Virgin Trains and it’s first-class make sure to accommodate their passengers who use wheelchairs by focusing on solving the problems faced by them? Or do they overlook them making their travel experience much like any other train service?

With the slogan “let the train take the strain” Virgin Trains seems to be paving the path for a whole new, and much welcome niche in luxury travel. 

 Let’s take a better look at what the Virgin Trains first class have to offer, but first, it’s better to get acquainted with the problems disabled rail passengers face. 

The First Look-Problems Faced By Rail Passengers

Two-thirds of all rail passengers with disabilities experience various undermining problems while travelling in trains. A lack of accessible toilets in the seating cabins causes unease and clumsiness when going for long hours. A majority of frequent train-users remark travelling on a train with no bathrooms that they could use makes them feel irritated. 

31% of passengers engaged with disabilities said they had experienced unacceptable and biased behaviour from other passengers, including receiving aggressive responses to ask to sit in a priority seat.

James Taylor, the head of policy at the Disability Equality Charity Scope, said: “Problems such as remote vehicles, compromised customer services, and lack of updated information make it worse for disabled people to get to work, socialize, mingle and live independently.”

Luxury or comfort-And What Virgin Trains Have To Offer

Across the globe, travellers prefer the ease of access when it comes to transportation and lodging. Whether it be seasonal tourists or regular passengers, walking on two feet, or differently-abled, all tend to prefer easiness and comfort over every aspect and luxury. Travelling isn’t an easy task; travellers need to blend and squeeze themselves in a given environment.

Having been operational since 1997, Virgin Trains have grown into a distinct, inclusive, and comfortable transport service trusted by many across the globe, committed to providing top-class accommodation to their passengers. 

How Do First-Class Virgin Trains Cater To People With Disabilities

Virgin Trains are state of the art functional units, which allow passengers who use wheelchairs to move around the train wholeheartedly. People travelling on wheelchairs are recommended to travel via Virgin Trains. Travellers with wheelchairs remark that Virgin Trains first-class rides enrich their travelling experience by bringing the ease and comfort to move around quickly. 

A journey from Glasgow to London in Wheelchairs sounds astonishing, but yes, people take the trip and enjoy the scenery and landscapes through Virgin Train’s first-class cabins. Travellers can easily access their wheelchairs anytime they want during the journey; the train’s spacious compartments and corridors enable travellers to be mobile throughout the tedious journey. The Virgin Trains’ first-class toilets and spaces are roomy enough to relax while being tucked in a wheelchair during the trip.

A Word On Good Ambiance

Virgin trains first class ensures comfort, good ambience, and friendly services to its passengers. Whether it be a wheelchair passenger onboard or an average person, the services are remarkably excellent, which goes to say a lot about the profound commitment to their prestige customers. Virgin train first-class has an eye-catching ambience, which seeks the passengers’ attention and makes them feel at home during the whole journey. 

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What Wheelchair Users Say About Their Virgin Trains First-Class Experience

Virgin Trains first-class seats and promising services provide ease for its passengers. Assistance is provided at every step to people who have a problem walking unsupported. The Virgin Train seating plan has special ramps for people with wheelchairs to get on board quickly without any hindrance. People have shared how the access wheelchair space is spacious, and the Virgin Trains seating plan provides enough legroom for a comfortable journey.

Virgin Trains seating plan has washrooms planned out carefully, and they are close to the disabled seats so that they can get there quickly. Also, the toilets are wide and spacious so that a wheelchair can fit in easily. Senior Citizens regard the easiest way to travel when you have access to a wheelchair onboard.

Virgin Trains seating plan provides an oasis of calm. With just three seats across the carriage, there is enough room to spread out, the transport is less likely to be fully occupied, and there is reduced pressure on luggage storage space. The Virgin Trains seating plan has enabled power points available at every window seat, so your devices’ battery doesn’t run out.

Virgin Trains seating plan provides wheelchair spaces that lock a wheelchair in its given area. In general, the services they remark ensure that the disabled don’t fall off their seats and are seated comfortably. Extreme comfort reduces the chances of jet lag for people having to travel for long hours.

The assistance helpline (Journey Care) changes the seats without any confusion or last moment fuss. From getting on the train to getting off, special care and assistance are provided to the disabled passengers on both stations. The standard quality procedures are up to the mark, providing the best passenger experience.

Most of the passengers review these services as luxury knocking at their stations. Every passenger is fascinated about having a memorable and pleasant journey with their friends, family, and business colleagues. 

A Few Other Perks About Traveling In Virgin Trains First class

Every passenger looks for luxury at lower prices. Having a disabled person’s railcard, you can get a capitalizing discount of 30% on your base ticket price. If you are using and staying in your chair throughout the entire journey, you can quickly get a 34% discount even if you haven’t got a registered disabled person’s railcard. Virgin Trains first-class passengers can get access to films, TV shows, games, and magazines. They should download the app before their train journey. Complimentary drinks and refreshments are served to please passengers and make them feel at home.

Travelling in First Class allows you to spend time in the first-class passenger lounge. Passengers can relax and munch complimentary snacks, coffee, drinks, and popcorn. Passengers get every possible assistance they require during their whole journey.

Has The E-Ticketing And Online Reservations Facility Assisted Passengers With Disabilities

Disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility can easily book their tickets and check-in online quickly and without hassle. The train company has also introduced a voice-automated travel assistant dedicated to providing on-command support to people with disabilities. 

This online assistant helps passengers to ask for assistance getting on and off the train. 

Virgin Trains wholeheartedly accepts people with disabilities and challenges.

Disability is just a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you are needed by someone.”

Virgin Trains has always marked its standards high, whether it be quality services, accepting challenges, ensuring proper implementations of ideas, and providing rail passengers who used wheelchairs with the best onboard experience. Access wheelchair was always a significant concern for disabled rail passengers, but Virgin Trains seating plans and exceptional services ease their travel concerns. With Virgin Trains first class, state of the art services all passengers can travel without hesitations and feel comfortable throughout the journey.

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