Vivo Unveils Y51s Triple Camera & 5G FOR $250

Let’s embrace with a new journey with VIVO

Vivo unveils a new model just for customer choice. Vivo, with its 6.53-inch LCD, gives this model a beautiful outlook. Vivo unveils this latest model with a triple ultra-rare HD camera sensor 48 MP wide. Its new design with a small pinched hole on the outer front side for selfie camera is a modern look.

One can have the fastest vehicle in this world, but it cannot go anywhere else if it is out of gas. Likewise, a lousy battery seriously defeats the reason for having an expensive good-looking smartphone.

Talking about its battery timing, so Vivo unveils a 4500 mAh battery. This phone just for those who want to keep the phone and them charged for a long time. It gives you the lit effect on life as nowadays phones do not stay reliable for longer times.

There are many ways to boost and start up your gadget’s battery life, but at the end of the day, you need a phone with a battery that lasts longer.

Vivo unveils this model, taking the pictures in the dark just beautifully with its fantastic front and back flashlight. Vivo not only reveals the triple camera but the 2MP macro camera. Vivo unveils a 2MP shooter camera for stunning portrait shots. It has 4K video resolution. That makes you watch your favorite shows and content like Americans.

Vivo Unveils Y51s Triple Camera & 5G FOR $250 2

Vivo unveils its key specs with previously announced Y70s FHD, Exynos 880 5G chipset.

Let’s look at the storage of this mobile phone, which is 6GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. The best thing that most people will love about this phone is that it has a great space to keep the mesmerizing and captivating memories and the best moments of life that are kept for a lifetime. Also, you can save a lot of social media and business apps as much as you want.

It is moving towards its sound quality, so you can surely trust it—no need for digs to hear your favorite songs. Talking on a call with this new Vivo unveiled mobile phone make it more heartily. Even in a rush area, the sound can be heard very clearly, and your music can be reached smoothly. Vivo unveils this model, which guaranty you that its sound quality will remain the same.

It has built-in security, which makes it safe to use. It has the fingerprint sensor with the power button on the upper side. Your privacy is the priority.

Vivo Unveils Colors

Vivo unveils three colors that suit your personality. It gives four times more shine to your glittery character. These three colors are:




Now the screen of this phone is made of hard glass which makes it impossible to break. If fall accidently will not break. This screen is designed in such a protective way that makes it more reliable.

It is designed to resist scratching and shattering even when dropped on a hard floor. It is covered with a grid of electric conductors.

It moves on to the display, so it is so smooth to use and so fast to work. It won’t hang in the crucial moments. Taking screenshots on this phone is quite easy. Just slide your three middle fingers on the phone and have the screenshot done. Too much easy yet so smooth.

Now talked about its screen before, but it has the features. A large screen enables your view of outlook to the world you are watching on the phone. This phone is ideal for the use of older adults who have vision problems.

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Choose the phone. The newest models have productive features. Vivo unveils the best here in the market as the features mentioned above are a trustable quality.

Vivo unveils this new gadget, which allows your phone to transfer or transmit the data in your phone to other smartphones and tablets. As it has Bluetooth devise and ample storage can keep a lot of apps.

Vivo Unveils Y51s Triple Camera & 5G FOR $250 4

Speed is still and will be the ultimate award in the phone’s arms race nowadays. You notice when apps hang, and it feels too weird and takes an eternity to swipe.

Its price is also more than affordable. If you are searching for a good phone at a better price and having more than enough great features, what are you waiting for? Grab yours.

Its price $250, which means you can have this phone is quite a reasonable price.

If you have been looking for a mobile phone worth your personality faster than you think and have the best battery timings, large storage capacity, protective screen, no hanging, user friendly, and easily manageable by the user, you are at the right place. Get this Vivo in just $250 and keep enjoying life to the fullest as you should.



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