What is Painful Paranoia? Causes, Symptom, Cure

Today we talk about What is Paranoia? Causes, Symptoms & Cure, Try to imagine you are sitting on a bench in a wonderful park, with brilliant skies and views, people walking and talking; as you sat and read a novel but suddenly you saw two people staring at you.

They were smiling and these thoughts came into your mind. Why are they looking at me? Are they spying on me? Do they want to kill me? In the end, you stood up and left. This is called having a disease paranoia. Paranoia is a psychotic disorder where you think people want to kill you or they want something from you.

This type of disease is way too common in young adulthood. So what causes this disease anyway and do you have it?


Being paranoid isn’t that bad for sometimes it’s some kind of body natural reaction to save itself. But having constant paranoid thoughts that may disturb your way of living my bad for you.

The main problems begin when you start to experience delusions and become totally crushed up inside by our paranoid thoughts. It’s like people are somewhat stalking you or following you even if they show you the real proof you don’t believe them.

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How does it feel to be paranoid?

Paranoid thoughts are far more different than negative thoughts for example if there is a murder or a robbery in your neighborhood you have every right to be self-aware and socially conscious at night.

But paranoid thoughts are different when you try to explain them to other people they may say “why are you overanalyzing so much in your brain” or if they are your friends you may experience some beautiful swear words

before they actually comfort you because these thoughts are far more different from reality it’s just you remind playing tricks on you. So these are some examples published on Harley’s health blogs relating to paranoid thoughts.

  • Everyone at school is always trying to upset me on purpose, I’m sure of it. For example, it is no accident that when someone threw food in the hall it landed on my locker.
  • My family is secretly plotting to steal all my money and bring me down.
  • My supervisor is always speaking in tricky ways with double meanings and little hints, all designed to make me feel inferior.
  • My neighbor wants to kill me, that’s why they left broken glass outside.
  • My council has cameras set up to watch me.
  • Every time I go to work there is a man on the same train platform as me and I am sure he is sent by my ex-wife to spy on me.


Paranoia Symptoms

If you think you may have paranoia these are some symptoms related to it

  1. Always on the lookout
  2. Anxiety attacks
  3. Sudden anger feeling argumentative
  4. Not trusting anyone even your dearest friends
  5. Over analyzing every word or movements of other people


There are many reasons for a person to fall I love with this disease main causes can include biological factors and the environment where the individual lives in. little to no sleep can affect brain activity causing a person’s mind to not function properly and lead to some hallucinations and delusions.

Paranoia treatment and cure

There is no fully diagnose paranoia .one has to learn on its own how to push back their own emotions. Seeing a therapist always turns out to be successful for this disease.



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