White Lines: Get High and Die

“I reckon I must’ v lived more in the last 24 hours than the previous 24 years”, says the main character of the Series Zoe(Laura  Haddock). Who is set to solve the mystery behind the death of her brother who went missing 20 years ago and just found dead in some desert in Spain?  She meets all of his friends who she suspects to be his murders. So is it one of his friends or not? The Series White Lines is by Alex Pina, creator of phenomenal show Money Heist. A mystery murder meets a gritty thriller.

A corpse is identified as DJ Alex Collin’s (Tom Rhys Harries). A young DJ who moved from Manchester to Balearics 20years ago with a group of friends to set their mark on Ibiza and went missing without a trace. The 10-part Series which is each one hour long is divided into two timelines: the 90s glory days of the group when they ruled the clubbing areas in Manchester and their downfall in settling in Spain, and the present-day mystery who killed Alex.

When the authorities tell her that Spanish law dictates that any further investigation wouldn’t lead to arrest due to the amount of time has passed, Zoe takes matters into her hands and set to solve the mystery behind her brother’s death.

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Little did she know that her brother’s death is related to some influential family of Spain. The Calafat family who have there own family drama going on.  Alex’s body is found on the land owned by this super-rich family in Spain, one that is looking for opening up a big, brand new casino. So this little discovery isn’t fortunate for them.

The head of the family, Andreu Calafat(Pedro Casablanca), need some answers, through his wife Conchita(Belen Lopez), son Oriol(Juan Diego Botto), and Kika(Marta Milans) don’t seem to know much. Enter his right-hand Boxer(Nuno Lopes), who set out to get his answers on the matter as well.

White Lines, aside from the main storyline, can do a bit of character development in the sidelines. With her quest to find the killer of his brother, Zoe Struggles with her identity. She becomes romantically involved with Boxer, a club bouncer and head security in charge of Andreu Calafat. Suspected by some to have killed Alex, Boxer’s motives are a bit hazy throughout the Series.

White Lines: Get High and Die 3

Ultimately White Lines has a good story( if you are a fan of  Drama and Mystery, the Series is good to go) and some powerful Spanish actors. At the start, it will surely give you vibes of Money Heist with all mysteries around, but still, you have to sit back till the end for the mystery to solve, and it gets drag at the end episodes as Alex Pina has made ten episodes it could have done justice with just six.

Overall, White Lines inst a typical mystery murder drama with a dark tone and melancholic music. The music is lively and fresh. Some of the famous 90s song s can be herd in the Series, giving it nostalgic feeling.

All of all, you will enjoy the camera work as it beautifully captures the stunning beaches and beauty of Ibiza taking you on a refreshing ride and summer vibes.


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