Who Attack ? Weili Zhang Or Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Weili Zhang Or Joanna Jedrzejczyk fight: let’s talk about the scoring of the fight. I think is a discussion that has people who are saying it could have gone either way that Yoanna actually one you had Chell son and say your honor one Valentina of course tweet tweeted that your honor won but they were cheerleading Yoanna before the fight there your honor fans especially Valentina they have a long relationship they visit each other’s social media to giving each other support stuff liken that plus.

Valentina Says about Joanna Jedrzejczyk

I think your honor Valentina might be just a little bit critical of the attention Whalley gets because I think Valentina believes a lot of that attention from the UFC and the media is coming from the financial opportunity that exists with having a champion from China it’s over billion people there right and maybe Valentina believes some of that attention is unwarranted but

I made and I’ve made a post and I said that Whalley one rounds one two four or five not only that round three was debatable but she won those rounds by a small margin they were close rounds except for I would say around two and five where Yana got hurt backpedal use a lot of movement and run away from John people just don’t get it those are significant moments and fights those are the moments where people standup they make sounds they’re like oh in a fight.

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Weili Zhang vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk Fight

Weili Zhang vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Weili Zhang vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk Fight

When you crack your opponent has to get the hell out of the pocket then gather themselves that’s a significant moment if that happens three-four times in the same round there’s an argument for 10-8 round okay so we have to understand that those situations put distance between the fighters advantage to the fighter who is chasing the other street fighter who has to gather their head and recover twice Jana was hurt had to get out of the pocket had to run away on top of that John just have more clean effective shots you know there were more moments where Jean cracked Jana Yanis head spun around and the crowd booed.

I right so I thought it was a clear victorious for Whaley she had two or three takedowns was unable to keep y’all on her down was unable to do anything with those takedowns but in those moments is showed who had the takedown ability and the willingness to take the fight to the ground and that may have made somewhat of an impression on the judges but that can be completely excluded the takedowns cleaner effective shots and had Yoanna on the retreat twice in the fight did the champion.

Weili Zhang Or Joanna Jedrzejczyk Story

I think that was a clear book so we have a close fight like that you have to play pay close attention to the things that sets the fighters apart it puts distance between them one fighter stunning the other and send them on a retreat that’s one of the best situations you can find it is almost like a lot of people weren’t he was not paying attention to the fight so in my opinion from this seat clear victory for the champion.

I think a lot of people were just taken back by how hard she had to fight because when you’re coming off a victory like that over entourage you people expect you to steamroll your next opponent like that same thing happen Valentina head kick ko against Jessica I next fight she goes distance with Liz Carmouche and everybody is dog in that performance well it may have been lackluster but even seen more lackluster after that head kick of Jessica.

I so from this seat clear victory for the champion retained her title first defense justifiably and you know it was just a discussion had be made we also need to look at what Whaley went through I saw Jo made a video talking about what your honor went through I don’t know how he conjured up that argument your honor didn’t go through anything right

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