The Best Kept Secrets About Who Was Ertugrul Ghazi

We are not the makers of history, but we are made by history. It’s proved by a popular Netflix series known as Drilis: Ertugrul. The series was introduced in 2014 and ended in 2019 as it became famous among the people. There are many people around the globe who are unaware of the world’s remarkable history.

They know the past in this 21st century through these Netflix popular series and other web series. Moreover, history plays an essential role in improving ourselves because we can learn from the mistakes the previous nations did. 

Background of Drilis: Ertugrul

Ertugrul was the son of the Suleyman Shah, who was a great conqueror. Suleyman Shah was a leader of the Kayi tribes of Oghuz Turks. After the demise of his father, Ertugrul settled a unique history, because of which he is said to be a Ghazi. His successor was his son Osman1, who formed the Ottoman Empire through his diligent efforts. Ottoman Empire was one of the biggest empires of all.

The end of the 13th century founded it. The successors slowly and gradually conquered three subcontinents, which were western Asia, North Africa, and Southeast Europe. This factor made it the most prominent and successful empires of all.

What made people watch Drilis: Ertugrul

The sole purpose of watching this series was to know about the Muslims as in the current century, Muslims are targeted to be criminals and terrorists. The actual characteristics of a Muslim are shown in this series. Muslim power, through which they conquered the world, made them the biggest empires of all, and they ruled for 600 years, which marked them as the miraculous rulers of history.

 People are attached to these types of series as it shows them the true demeanors from the past. Moreover, it proves that an empire followed by just one leader, if are united, can do wonders across the world, which is admired by the people as unity is a much-needed factor if we consider the current situation of the world.

It also shows us the connections of Muslims of that time with Islam, the only source they solicited help was from Allah. That was also a factor that connected many people, especially Muslims, with this series, and Ertugrul became an inspiration for many people. 

Ertugrul Ghazi Documentary


Season 1

In the first season, they showed that the Mongol invasion and their assault. Mongols had captured his son Sungurtekin. However, at that time, Suleyman Shah fought and took back his son. He had Ertugrul and Gundogdu with him interfering in tribal struggles.

Season 2

It revolves around Sungurtekin. He became the spy for the Mongol tribe for Sultan Alaeddin, and later, he was captured and became a spy for Saadettin kopek.

Season 3

In this season, it was about Ertugrul that he was having difficulty in migrating because he was unaware of the knowledge related to the trading system. So, he appointed a person who knew better. 

Season 4

It revolves around Sungurtekin. He became the spy for the Mongol tribe for Sultan Alaeddin, and later, he was captured and became a spy for Saadettin kopek.

Season 5

In this season, it was all about that Mongols attacked Seljuk state. Umurogullari was shown as the tax collector who shattered Sogut. On the other hand, Umer bey’s daughter Ilbilge fell in love with Ertugrul.   

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Why Imran Khan permitted to air this show on PTV

Our Prime Minister Imran Khan says this show as “Turkish Game of throne.” He wants his citizens to see it. He made it accessible to every individual by airing it on PTV. He said that it sets an excellent example of how media can regenerate history as Turks are recreating theirs.   

Another viewpoint of our prime minister was related to Islamophobia, and he said that through media content, we could help actuate the mindsets of people who are against Islam. Media influences people, so our prime minister has a vision of showing the true Muslim heritage and cultural values to people around the globe just to counter the issue that has been raised against Muslims, which has been given the name of Islamophobia. However, Muslims are only relying on western cultures, and they’re admiring them by forgetting their learning with aesthetic values.


The series contained Muslim heritage which showed, that Islam is a religion of peace, and every individual who holds its values have a significant impact on society. Drilis Ertugrul’s motive was to portray a part of Muslim history, which proved how influential Muslims were and in what ways they achieved the success.

Moreover, if we compare today’s Muslims with the past, then it’s a grievous state because Muslims are applauding western culture by ignoring their heritage, which has outstanding values.  



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